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Concussion Management

Concussion injuries result in rapid onset of short-lived neurological impairment that resolves usually within 7-10 days (Marshall, 2012).  Concussions present with a wide range of signs and symptoms and imaging studies, such as CT scan or MRI, do not seem to show any detectable injury.  This can make concussion diagnosis quite challenging.  The symptoms an athlete presents with immediately following the impact gives a good indication of whether a concussion has occurred.  The most commonly reported symptoms are headache, dizziness/unsteadiness, difficulty concentrating, confusion/disorientation, and visual disturbance/sensitivity to light.   Loss of consciousness is reported in less than 5% of cases (Marshall, 2012) and is not considered to be indicative of a more severe injury.  It is thought that the symptoms that we see following a concussion are due to a reversible functional deficit rather than actual structural damage.  According to the 3rd International Conference on Concussion in Sport, if an athlete shows any signs of a concussion following an impact, they must be removed from play immediately and assessed appropriately.  Although concussion is primarily a head injury, the cervical spine is often also affected.  It is important that your Physiotherapist is qualified to properly assess and treat your concussion symptoms as well as any possible neck injury.


Back Works has physiotherapists who have specialized training in providing evidenced-based and up to date concussion management.  We can also provide Baseline Testing for athletes BEFORE a concussion has occurred.  This test, provided by Impact Applications, Inc,  measures multiple areas of brain function that are commonly affected following a concussion, including memory, concentration, visual processing, balance, reaction time and motor strength.  If an athlete has a concussion, we are able to compare their post-injury state to their baseline measures to help make a more accurate diagnosis and provide information on their readiness to return to sport.  We use the most current evidence-based therapies to assess and treat your concussion and any other injuries resulting from the impact, and assist you with a safe and successful return to activity.

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