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1:1 Yoga Sessions with Alissa -
Concussion Recovery or Introduction to Yoga

Alissa, a yoga instructor and artist, employs an accessible teaching style, that is trauma informed, and post-concussion symptom friendly.  Her own experience with traumatic brain injury shapes how she teaches yoga.

Concussion Recovery Yoga

A typical 1:1 session is 60 minutes and includes:

  • meditation practices to support injured brains (closed focus monitoring meditation)

  • checking in regularly with symptoms and tracking shifts

  • nervous system calming breath practices to bring balance between brain hemispheres

  • gentle movement with lots of choices for how much or little to engage

  • rest practices to relieve stress and tension in the body

Introductory Yoga

New to yoga, but not ready to join our yoga classes?  Alissa is available for 1:1 introductory yoga to teach you the basics so you feel more comfortable joining our classes.

Email or call the Admin Team if you are interested in booking with Alissa.

Yoga Classes & Workshops

You don't need to be young, fit, flexible, or be able to kneel or lie on the mat join these classes, which will focus on:

  •  gentle warm-ups

  •  techniques to assess and improve your balance

  •  exercises designed to improve your walking, build strength and avoid falls

  •  introduction to yoga poses, with options to match any level of ability

A great way to reduce stress, be calm through mindfulness, and have fun along the way!

Class size is limited to a small group.

Gentle Yoga for Older Adults with Linda

Yoga Flow with Amanda

Yoga Flow is a movement-based class designed to enhance the awareness of the body and mind. The class incorporates elements of strength, flexibility, and balance linked with breath. The intention is to connect with yourself and expand your capacity for resilience.

Restorative Yoga with Amanda

Restorative Yoga is a calming practice that uses props (such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters) to support the body in various relaxing poses. The intention is to mindfully slow down and soothe the nervous system through gentle movement and supportive poses held for several minutes. Nourish the body and mind by unwinding in this deeply restful class.

Mindful Movement with Sabine

Mindful Movement is a calming class where you can safely move the body to build strength, balance, flexibility, and focus with attention to alignment principles, then relax and unwind with a mindful meditation.  A revitalizing and calming experience. Suitable for all levels.

Stretch and Restore with Sabine

Stretch and Restore invites deep and safe stretches into your joints and connective tissues creating space and release of tension, then use props and supports to relax into blissful restorative comfort.  Deeply nourishing and suitable for all levels.

Yoga For Chronic Pain & Stiff Joints - Sunday, Oct. 15, 1:00pm - 2:30pm
     Cost - $25.00 plus HST
Workshop Summary:  Are you suffering from back pain? Stiff neck and shoulders? Tight hips? This workshop is for you if you would like to release chronic tension and pain. Come experience relief in this yoga workshop where we invite the body into safe and deep stretches, slow and gentle movement, and restorative relaxation. Change the story of your relationship with pain and discomfort as you learn how to rewire the patterns that keep you stiff. A deeply nourishing and healing experience.

Yoga Fees

Classes (60 minutes)

  • Drop-In or Single Class: $20.00 + HST ($22.60)

  • 10 Class Pass: $150.00 + HST ($169.50)

1:1 Yoga Sessions (60 minutes)

  • $100.00 + HST

Methods of Payment

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Please look at the calendar above for availability. If a class is indicated as FULL, you may contact to be added to a wait list.

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Please note minimum age requirement to join our classes:  14 with a guardian; 16+ without.

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